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Five Star Coin is created with a desire to make the largest and most transparent crypto, entertainment & gaming platform in the world. The founders of Five Star Coin are experienced in the development and operation of various real-time gaming services, real-estate, financial institutions & crypto services. The strong experience in various verticals along with the advantage of blockchain will be a solid foundation for the success of FiveStarCoin in the future. This technological revolution will make entertainment, gaming & blockchain empowered services more transparent and even fair for everyone. To know more about us, visit our parent website www.newtechnologyhub.com



Our Group be backed by Crypto Services worldwide starting with Mining services. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that are only pegged to the value of Bitcoin, we already owns Crypto mining rigs that will Mine the crypto currencies and generate revenue for the company. 40% of all mining revenues generated by the crypto mining rigs will be reinvested into enhancing our mining platform.


Revolutionize Prepaid Debit Card going to change the way we see the plastic money today.

Our Prepaid Card is a beneficial card for active business persons, who travel frequently. The efficient tool for carrying out salary projects of corporate customers.

Its The Future..!



Crypto Mining

BTC & Alt Coins Mining


Gaming Solutions

Online / Realtime Gaming


Global Prepaid Card

Accepted Worldwide


Lending Services

Higher Monthly Returns


Real Estate

Futuristic Solutions

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Our Roadmap

Road map

1st Feb


Handshake Ceremony @ 2000hrs (HK)
Road map

28th Feb


Crypto Coin Launch (Name To Be Announced)
Road map

7th March


Internal Exchange platform will be launched.
Road map

15th March


Payment Card Launch (Worldwide Acceptance)
Road map

31st March


Digital Gaming Platform will be launched.


Blockchain Based Hotel Technology

We are working on the blockchain based technology for Hospitality industry to turn entire hotel's service system on blockchain technology. Support System, Service Request, Order Placement can be accessed on public blockchain and accessible by everyone. Based on the blockchain tockens, entire status will move from department to department and reach to the final solution by the concerned department. With a vision to built blockchain technology based hotel application, we see it as future of inter connectivity of hotels with availability of financial instruments cross borders in terms of International bookings and much more...

Welcome to The Reserve A Position - Launch Pad

You saw it here first! ReserveAPosition.com finally went into Pre-Launch last night, and FREE Accounts are now available. Finally everyone gets the chance to enjoy accessible cryptocurrency revolution. And to earn lots of rewards at the same time, just for refering. We are Just not disclosing the name of the company till the time all of us are fully prepared.

The website is now live, and by following the link and clicking the 'Register' button on the top-right as soon as possible, you can sign up for a FREE account which you can use to secure your top place in the Incentive Plan.

Pre-Registration Closes On 31st January at 23:59:59 PM (GMT London Time).

The key to bringing crytocurrency to the mainstream is teaching the world how easy it is to buy, spend, handle and invest. Flyhigh.today will teach you about the past and future of money; help you to understand Blockchain technology; and show you how easy it is to navigate the world of cryptocurrency if you have the right education.

ReserveAPosition.com is just a Pre-Launch Site!

Members don't have to refer others to make money, but you'll get extra bonuses if you do. www.reserveaposition.com is just a Pre-Launch Site, and once your structures are in place by the night of 31st January. 2018, We Go Live on Monday 1st February at 12:00am (GMT London Time), so spread the word about Cryptocurrency and the future of money.

Once launch happens on Monday 1st February at 12:00am (GMT London Time) and that's all the time you'll ever have to spend on this. Receive Payout daily as long as you do your work and educate others.

And the way the Plan is designed it is going to revolutionize the Industry. All members own a share of the income. Unlike direct selling, if you join early, you will actually be helping the people who join AFTER you - not the other way around. Genius. Helping others was supposed to be this easy!


We will make regular posts of the progress on this Page, so stay tuned.

Thanks for everyone who has been helping make this amazing design into a reality!
We'll be changing the world, bit by bit.

Its 100% Free To Join the Pre-Launch.

Revolutionary Breakthrough Experts are Calling the #1 Plan of the Decade!

Its a technology driven product/service which has a future in upcoming time.

You Are Free To Build the Business in Over 220 Countries!

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